On the forefront ofthe hairpin forming

15 September

On September Wednesday 22nd, during the COILTECH in Pordenone, we presented a scientific paper about new ways and systems for hairpin forming and inserting systems for stators. Francesco Lucchetti, head of mechanical department, and Davide Macera, lead electrical engineer of the R&D department, took the stage with a contribution at the World Magnetic Conference and Electric Motor Talks during the exhibition. The document was presented under the title: “Hairpin 2D/3D forming systems, new practices and progresses. The Conference was organized and hold during the fair, by L’Aquila University, addressed during the event by Marco Villani, Professor of Electrical Machine Design, Tecnomatic’s scientific advisor and, above all, friend. Francesco and Davide went through all our development, due to more then 20 years of experience in processing hairpin stator, for manufacturing machines, from insulation systems up to laser welding devices and final tests. The topic was mainly focused on our last achievements and results about “2D/3D” forming equipment and processes thereof, included the modality to perform the insertion of the crowns into the stator stack. All the procedures used in the past and lastly in progress, were illustrated, in accordance with the different hairpin types and, as consequence, the proper system that we can apply depending on the conditions and behaviors that the end user need to be achieved, having in mind the best conditions that are necessary to get the optimal result in terms of efficiency and best functioning of the electric machine. The speech underlined the very good result in maintaining the correct final shape/proper geometries of the conductor, the correct bending radius and without damages onto the copper and enamel material of the same. Least but not last, also achieving optimal results in terms of speed of the overall forming/inserting system. The mechanical behaviors of the equipment were also validated by electrical and optical tests, digital microscopes check, that assessed and gave evidence of the results. In process, the check is performed by vision systems. As for the last, was also presented the “Generative Adversarial Network” (GAN), which we are finalizing, ready to be implemented for the upcoming hairpin systems for our customers. This is the new frontier for stator’s test and validation, with the ambitious goal of “zero defects” and no waste: still on the forefront!

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