New challenges coming fromthe electrification move.

2 September

One of the major debates into the automotive environment, strictly linked with the move versus the new electrified era, is what on the specialized press is defined as “reskilling of workers”. No doubts that the shift to EVs means dramatic change in jobs reconfigurations, especially into the European market, where the pressure to accelerate the abandon of fuel fossils, is gaining more and more consensus by the populations. Climate changes, more sustainable quality of life, increasing awareness coming from young people, are all factors that the European authorities are taking in consideration and traducing in rules to impose the move to the European automotive industry. But these changes need to be addressed in the right way, to avoid social conflicts, if we just consider the fact that, basically, an EV has, in average, less components in comparison with traditional combustion engine’s cars: less components, less productions to make, less traditional work to do. More unemployed people on the roads? This is the social dilemma. These huge changes in the auto industry are requiring EU backing for 'reskilling' programs to help workers prepare for a zero-emission future. Tecnomatic already took the way years ago, when decided to train and prepare all its employees in combining expertise and experience related to traditional automotive components in matching with the competences needed for winding equipment for hairpin stators type. The existence of two business units, one dedicated for the assembly and testing of traditional automotive components, such as engines or turbochargers, and the other one for hairpin systems, has brought to the perfect matching of technical competences, at every level: from the R&D to the mechanical and SW engineering, up to the production of systems. What is of importance to be considered, is that the construction of machines dedicated to hairpin stators, is quite totally different to the traditional winding machines. Many competences coming from assembly and testing were and are very useful for designing and making the hairpin stators lines. That’s the reason why Tecnomatic’s people is already aligned with the move in job’s expertise for the electrification of the market. Assembly/testing and hairpin is the perfect matching to put Tecnomatic far beyond the global electric revolution: fast is not enough!

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